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  • Picture: VMK Diplomprojekte 2007

    VMK Diplomprojekte 2007

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      • spot!

        Mathias Lutz

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          • Picture: Shop EigenArt

            Shop EigenArt

            Sabine Rödiger

              • Picture: km/h


                Silvan Wacker

                  • Picture: NeuRoom


                    Beat Hofstetter; Ralph Müller

                      • Walk of Fame

                        Ron Lux

                          • never miss the shot

                            Nicolas Fojtu

                              • Picture: algoritmo caliente!

                                algoritmo caliente!

                                Moritz Wettstein

                                  • Picture: âmes


                                    Monya Pletsch

                                      • Picture: The Jabberwock

                                        The Jabberwock

                                        Moritz Engi

                                          • Picture: being rose

                                            being rose

                                            Meriem Bouhara

                                              • Picture: SUITCASER - mobile learning

                                                SUITCASER - mobile learning

                                                Lars Pautsch

                                                  • Picture: Höhere Harmonie

                                                    Höhere Harmonie

                                                    Christian Vollenweider

                                                      • Picture: LIMBO LIFE - Leben in der Schwebe

                                                        LIMBO LIFE - Leben in der Schwebe

                                                        Andalus Christian Liniger

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