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      Picture: Szenografie Filmset "King"

      Szenografie Filmset "King"

          Picture: Portrait einer geraden Linie

          Portrait einer geraden Linie

          Delia C. Keller; Anna Wohlgemuth

              Picture: The Medium

              The Medium

              Gian Carlo Menotti

                  Picture: Der Kult der toten Kuh

                  Der Kult der toten Kuh

                  Laura Tontsch

                      Picture: state:lucid


                          Picture: Circularium


                          Tim Goossens

                              Picture: Interactive and immersive experience

                              Interactive and immersive experience

                                  Picture: Klassenreise


                                  Kerim El-Mokdad

                                      Picture: The H1V3: Bug-Y21K11

                                      The H1V3: Bug-Y21K11

                                      Hui Jun Wessley Tan

                                          Picture: Von Null zu Diamant

                                          Von Null zu Diamant

                                          Omed Mehran

                                              Picture: Delay


                                              Yi-Ju Chou

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