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      Picture: Crown Figure

      Crown Figure

      Naina Zanantsoa

          Picture: Water, Sounds and Movement

          Water, Sounds and Movement

          Giulia Spada

              Picture: Soma


              Ilaria Rabigliati

                  Picture: Human Affection

                  Human Affection

                  Eefie Van der Bergen

                      Picture: Behind the curtain

                      Behind the curtain

                      Naomi Roth

                          Picture: Between Stillness and Movement

                          Between Stillness and Movement

                          Suzanne Vis

                              Picture: The courage to change

                              The courage to change

                              Alessio Russo

                                  Picture: Dance of the opposites

                                  Dance of the opposites

                                  Mara Peyer

                                      Picture: Geminus


                                      Gian Luca Lazzarini

                                          Picture: Inbetween


                                          Sophie Feige

                                              Picture: Spatia Alia

                                              Spatia Alia

                                              Joana Hermes

                                                  Picture: Bereit oder nicht hier komme ich

                                                  Bereit oder nicht hier komme ich

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