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      Picture: Swiss Design Lounge

      Swiss Design Lounge

          Picture: 3D Schrift am Bau_Nordwand

          3D Schrift am Bau_Nordwand

              Picture: Pa Dong!

              Pa Dong!

                  Picture: Saffa 58- Die Landi der Frauen

                  Saffa 58- Die Landi der Frauen

                      Picture: Social Design

                      Social Design

                          Picture: Beschriftungen Au60

                          Beschriftungen Au60

                              Picture: Collapse Sink

                              Collapse Sink

                              Alina Kopytsia; Elio Lüthi; Stefan Schellinger; Jan Stolze; Ilona Stutz; Jiajia Zhang

                                  Picture: Tiny Miracles

                                  Tiny Miracles

                                  Mitchell Anderson; Cory Arcangel; Marlie Mul

                                      Picture: 2019_Diplomausstellung BA Fine Arts

                                      2019_Diplomausstellung BA Fine Arts

                                          Picture: Sailor's Delight

                                          Sailor's Delight

                                          Mitchell Anderson

                                              Picture: The Show

                                              The Show

                                              Karolin Braegger

                                                  Picture: Into the Pit

                                                  Into the Pit

                                                  Will Benedict; Mandine Knöpfel; Marilyn Manson; Marco Rigoni; Bailey Scieszka; Rebecca Solari; Jonathan Steiger; Jan Vorisek

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