Diplomrezital (Ausschnitt) MA Performance Konzert


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  • Picture: Studienprojekte Website ZHdK

    Studienprojekte Website ZHdK

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      • Picture: Diplomrezital (Ausschnitt) MA Performance Konzert

        Diplomrezital (Ausschnitt) MA Performance Konzert

        Paolo Sartori

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          • Picture: 2021_FragUnsNichtWerWirSind_AndroneNakanishi


            Sebastian Andrei Androne-Nakanishi

              • Picture: Connective


                Lisa Lareida

                  • Picture: Crown Figure

                    Crown Figure

                    Naina Zanantsoa

                      • Picture: Water, Sounds and Movement

                        Water, Sounds and Movement

                        Giulia Spada

                          • Picture: Expanding the Potential of Sound Design in Science Fiction

                            Expanding the Potential of Sound Design in Science Fiction

                            Thomas Jeker

                              • Picture: Soma


                                Ilaria Rabigliati

                                  • Picture: Human Affection

                                    Human Affection

                                    Eefie Van der Bergen

                                      • Picture: Behind the curtain

                                        Behind the curtain

                                        Naomi Roth

                                          • Picture: Wind Tunnel Bulletin

                                            Wind Tunnel Bulletin

                                            Sibylle Boppart; Florian Dombois; Kaspar König; Sarine Waltenspül

                                              • Picture: Computersignale


                                                Christoph Hoffmann; Hannes Rickli

                                                  • Picture: Between Stillness and Movement

                                                    Between Stillness and Movement

                                                    Suzanne Vis

                                                      • Picture: Crossover Frequency

                                                        Crossover Frequency

                                                        I-Fen Lin

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