Creating Commons

Picture: Creating Commons

Creating Commons

Shusha Niederberger; Cornelia Sollfrank; Felix Stalder

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          Picture: Forms of Ongoingness

          Forms of Ongoingness

          Femke Snelting; Cornelia Sollfrank; Spideralex

              Picture: Expanding Cinema

              Expanding Cinema

              Jan Gerber; Sebastian Lütgert; Felix Stalder

                  Picture: Publishing as Commons Practice

                  Publishing as Commons Practice

                  Alessandro Ludovico; Felix Stalder

                      Picture: Feminist Hackspace

                      Feminist Hackspace

                      Shusha Niederberger; Patricia Reis; Stefanie Wuschitz

                          Picture: The Micropolitics of Publishing

                          The Micropolitics of Publishing

                          Cornelia Sollfrank; Eva Weinmayr

                              Picture: Producing Organizational Aesthetics

                              Producing Organizational Aesthetics

                              Olga Goriunova; Cornelia Sollfrank

                                  Picture: Hybrid Spaces

                                  Hybrid Spaces

                                  Panayotis Antoniadis; Felix Stalder

                                      Picture: Experimenting with Institutional Formats

                                      Experimenting with Institutional Formats

                                      Laurence Rassel; Cornelia Sollfrank

                                          Picture: Institutional Practice

                                          Institutional Practice

                                          Felix Stalder; Peter Westenberg

                                              Picture: Working with the Paradoxes of Technology

                                              Working with the Paradoxes of Technology

                                              Felix Stalder; Marek Tuszynski

                                                  Picture: Ecosystems of Writing

                                                  Ecosystems of Writing

                                                  Michael Murtaugh; Shusha Niederberger

                                                      Picture: Caring for the Public Library

                                                      Caring for the Public Library

                                                      Marcell Mars; Tomislav Medak

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